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What is Digital Marketing? Types of Digital Marketing? B2B and B2C digital marketing in 2021 - [UPDATED]

Digital Marketing is the marketing which is perform through mobile, computer or any electronics devices. Any company can reach to their targeted customers online in a limited or short time by the marketing of any or multiple products. This type of marketing is also called online marketing. When a company launch a new product, they need customer. They search for the new customers or they do marketing to reach the products to the actual clients online. 

Marketing means right time and right place to connect with potential clients who can take action. Now a days we all use many electronic devices. Like mobile. A huge crowd spend their time online or into internet. So, we have to connect with our customer online. 

In India, almost all aged people use internet or digital media. Day by day the numbers are increasing. All the small, medium or large companies use internet for marketing. As many big companies do their marketing by road side posters, banners and hoardings, that can be done online.

Offline or online both marketing purpose is to reach a huge numbers of customers.

Offline marketing Disadvantages
1. In this type of marketing, companies have to spend to much money for their marketing. But in digital marketing you can reach worldwide people by investing a small amount of money for advertisement purpose.

Why do we need digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a selling media through a digital technique to reach customers. When we have no smart phone in our daily life then we mostly use TV, News Paper, Radio. Then all companies run their advertisement on TV, News Papers, Radio. Customers buy products after see, hear the advertisement in those media. Even now it is going on. But currently it is very low.

Most of the earning people of a family spend their time on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Spanchat, Sharechat etc. They see YouTube videos rather that TV, hear songs from various mobile apps rather that radio and read online blogs rather that news papers. 

That is why most of the modern companies advertise online to sell products. Where more internet users  are coming daily, there we see products or services advertisement mostly. 

Early days, customers spend their time in offline stores to buy products. But now they are doing online shopping from their home. Any time, at the 2 PM of night from their bed room. Save their valuable  daily time. Both customers and companies are getting advantaged on digital marketing. Companies advantages means they are connecting with potential people quickly, thus increasing their productivity.

The need for digital marketing is growing, day by day it is growing significantly. Because, here in short time companies are getting more profit with less hard work. 

How and where to use Digital Marketing?

1. Blogging
Blogging is the most well and better way to online digital marketing. Here you have to create blog for your company and write about companies services and products. When there are new products launched you can write about them on after one into blog. You can attract more and more clients or consumer to this products. 

2. Content Marketing
In content marketing, you have to write all the company created products and services details as content. You have to write attractive content or you have to do copywriting. Where you write about product details, product offer, deals. Thus reader can easily understood about the products and feel better about your product at the first impression. Also you can build believe among your clients. In this way the popularity of the business will increase. Finally, selling rate will increase.

3. SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
Any user or online client need any info about any product or services they use internet browsers. GOOGLE is the giant. Most of the internet users mostly use GOOGLE worldwide for its better search result. Google use SEO technique to represent products or services detailed information before the users.

If your blog posts or website are coming to the first page of the google search engine, then many users can visit into your website. They can read and understood company's product's info, service, about company and your business etc.  So you have to build your website SEO as per the GOOGLE guideline. By which many good visitors come to your blog and read your blog posts.

4. Social Media Marketing
Social Media is the main part of Digital Marketing. Companies can get product reviews and customer behavior upon a particular products. They can come to know about users decision upon those products or services. They can read social media comments. Thus companies can make future planning. 

Social media is the most effective way for marketing. Because here users are active and final decision maker upon any products. Companies can publish advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spanchat, Pinterest. 

5. Google Adwords
Another way of digital marketing is Google Adwords. When you are reading any popular blog posts you may see advertisement in which most are publish by google ads. Any businessman can do marketing by those google ads. But all those are paid ads campaign. Businessman have to pay google for those ads. Google present those ads into popular websites and blogs by which your ads will go to the targeted audiences. 

You can run many types of online advertisement through Google ads. Such as, text ads, Image Ads, GIF ads, match content ads, video ads, pop-up ads, Sponsor search, Web Banner Ads.

6. Apps Marketing
Companies are making aps for marketing their products into the internet. That is called apps marketing.
This is the another way or alternative way of digital marketing. A huge online community on the internet downloads many apps per day into their devices. Thus any businessmen can run their ads on the apps to get clients. When apps users click on the ads they redirected into company website to access more details about the products or services. 

7. YouTube Channel Marketing
YouTube is the second largest most popular search engine in the world after google. A huge users use YouTube before online marketing. Companies can present products before customers through videos. 
Beside that, google also run ads campaigning into videos. You can see ads into popular videos. Those are the marketing videos of any particular company. By which, YouTubers and companies can generate huge income here.

8. Email Marketing
Companies can do email marketing by which they can send emails to the customers. Into those emails, they write about products short description, offers, deals. By clicking upon those product links customer directly goes easily into company website and finally buy that product. You can reach more than one lack customers by a single click. It is the most simple and effective and easy way to get more clients with less works in digital marketing.

B2B and B2C digital marketing
B2B means business to business. B2C means Business to Customer.

In B2B, businessmen sell their products to another businessmen or companies. If any company need  office furniture for their company they will search for those who are selling. Furniture companies may sell their furniture to those companies. In this type of marketing business and marketing is limited into companies or businessmen. Example, Linked Marketing is a good example. In Linked there almost all people are professional and linked with some company. 

In B2C, businessmen sell their products to customers. Example Facebook or similar social media networks.

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